jueves, 6 de marzo de 2014

Half a million pesos to a super ground claimed by the phrase

A woman in Rosario filed a lawsuit against the trade, feel discriminated against by an employee.

A teacher Rosario filed a lawsuit for 500,000 pesos against a well-known supermarkets chain feel discriminated against by an employee who wrote in the home delivery of your purchase ticket, the words "big butt", said a judicial source. The unprecedented lawsuit is transacted in the tribunals of Rosario, was filed nearly two years ago by a teacher, who suffers from problems of obesity, against the local branch of the Coto supermarket chain, located in the Alto Rosario shopping.

The Attorney for the woman, Oscar Pandini, told Telam that the case has no history in the country "by the mode of Commission of the Act, both by the amount compensation".

The lawyer explained that two years ago, the teacher made a purchase worth a thousand dollars at the grocery store, and asked that they be sent home, and "on the ticket of the tax controller, in the space where the name they put the word ´gluteos´, and where the surname, ´grandes´".

Pandini added that the woman "newly realized that after three days, and after their indignation, I consulted and there we started with extrajudicial actions. First we went to interlocutory mediation, but as there was no agreement, then we face a series of preparatory measures and assurance of testing."

"Through expert measures showed that the ticket and the printing machine belonged you to the supermarket", later said Pandini.

"From there, we started demand for 500,000 pesos, for moral damage, and civil penalty or punitive damage which provides defense law to the consumer, that from a year ago is it processed in the tribunals of Rosario, so we hope that the sentence is good and comes out at the end of this year", is esperanzó.

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How much is the pizzeria that came out in the Oscar saved in advertising?

The price for each commercial during the 86 delivery Awards Oscar is valued at $ 1.8 million

Advertising space at the Oscars has an approximate amount of $ 1 million, but the Los Angeles Big Mama completo & Papa's pizzeria, saved more than 10 million in advertising after his appearance last Sunday.

The owner of the restaurant, the Armenian Ararat Agakhayan, saved that amount, once the host, Ellen DeGeneres, feed the guests during the live telecast of the Academy Awards, in which appeared the young delivery boy Edgar Maritirosyan and the logo of the enterprise in pizza boxes.

The price for each commercial during the 86 delivery Awards Oscar is valued at 1.8 billion dollars, according to Variety magazine, adding 10.8 million for Big Mama completo and Pope's, since the presenter took two minutes to distribute the slices of pizza, according to the website.

As the pizza delivery boy and co-owner obtained a $1,000 tip and attended the Ellen Degeneres show to talk about his appearance and receive money.

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Ceherresiete maximum scorer of history

Portugal scored two as many in the Portuguese scoring to Cameroon. Accumulated 49 and leaves behind Pauleta (47)

Ronaldo continues to make history. From this Wednesday is the top scorer of the Portuguese selection with 49 goals, after scoring two goals in the friendly of Portugal against Cameroon. The white player thus exceeds 47 goals from Pauleta, the Azores «cyclone» and now ranks second in the list of typically, matching with this meeting the 110 Fernando Couto (stays at 17 of tying with Figo).

It was predictable that Ronaldo anotase in first match of preparation of Portugal for the world of Brazil, where he will make his debut against the German national team. For the Portuguese capital these goals have had a special meaning, although it says not to be obsessed with overcome records. «I knew it was going to happen in a peaceful way,» explained the own Ronaldo at the end of the party before the cameras of the RTP. «It has a special meaning after lead playing ten years with the team.»

Now your aim with the t-shirt of the machines is the having the highest number of typically. For the World Cup does not promise goals, "because, of course, but much effort and dedication».

The first to congratulate Ronaldo was Pauleta, who three years ago, when he retired, already advanced that Ronaldo would be that batiese all their records. He also received a standing ovation from the Portuguese fans when he left the field of play, cambiodo, a few minutes from the end.

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A life marked by tragedy


Jorge García, second of Danube and Hill, was arrested yesterday for being the alleged murderer of his father, in the barrio Borro, after a heated argument which was witness to some neighbors. Garcia will declare today to justice.

Recognized player of football, 27 years old, held a discussion with his father yesterday morning; the central reason for the misunderstanding would have been the violent death of the mother of Jorge García, murdered in February 2013.

The initial dispute were outside the House of the victim, located in the barrio Borro, in the area known as Los Palomares.

According to testimonies gathered by the police, several neighbors and family were alerted by the cries and took to the streets, when the conflict led to the interior of the House.

Sources of the zone operational 3 of the Chief of police of Montevideo, told El Pais that Jorge García hit his father in the head with an ashtray of wood, as this took Matt.



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Published data on custody of witness

There are times that in search of a first overlooked many things that should be paramount as it is the integral security of a person, and a stir in social networks are armed after TN publish key data on custody of witness by mafia crime, including the changing of the guard schedules, everything is a first.

Women who are guarding as well as witness the crime, could give important data to a narco gang and assassins that works in the country.

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