jueves, 6 de marzo de 2014

A life marked by tragedy


Jorge García, second of Danube and Hill, was arrested yesterday for being the alleged murderer of his father, in the barrio Borro, after a heated argument which was witness to some neighbors. Garcia will declare today to justice.

Recognized player of football, 27 years old, held a discussion with his father yesterday morning; the central reason for the misunderstanding would have been the violent death of the mother of Jorge García, murdered in February 2013.

The initial dispute were outside the House of the victim, located in the barrio Borro, in the area known as Los Palomares.

According to testimonies gathered by the police, several neighbors and family were alerted by the cries and took to the streets, when the conflict led to the interior of the House.

Sources of the zone operational 3 of the Chief of police of Montevideo, told El Pais that Jorge García hit his father in the head with an ashtray of wood, as this took Matt.



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